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Waxing F.A.Q's:

Why should I get a Brazilian Wax @ Go Bare!?
We specialize in Brazilian waxing for a reason...we're good at it!!! As a newer service in the beauty industry it's hard to find a place you can trust for cleanliness & sanitation practices, removing all hair & not leaving you with strays, uses quality products to protrct your skin, & a place that provides a comfortable environment. We will also take time to answer your questions & use techniques to reduce discomfort. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions    :-)
Do you dare, to go bare?
Why is waxing better than other hair removal methods?
Waxing removes hair from the root, unlike shaving or depilating creams that only remove hair from the surface. Waxing lasts 2-6 weeks (compared to shaving that only lasts a couple days)! Waxing exfoliates (removing dead skin) and also reduces ingrown hairs & razor bumps; you will be left with smoothe, glowing skin!
Does it hurt?
At Go Bare! our customers tell us this is the most pain-free waxing they have experienced. Although waxing will never feel good, at Go Bare! we make it a quick process & you will only feel a sting for second.
We use well-researched techniques & positions along with holding skin tight & applying immediate pressure to stop any stinging sensation.
Sometimes we will ask you to assist in holding your skin tight to keep you feeling comfortable. Our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible.
I've heard wax should not be recycled or double-dipped. What does that mean to me?
Recycled wax is reused . Recycled wax is extremely unsanitary.
Wax is applied to your body with wooden applicator sticks. At Go Bare! once we dip the stick in wax & apply wax to your body we throw the applicator stick away.
Double-dipping is when sticks are reused & re-dipped into the wax. This is very unsanitary because it spreads germs & bacteria into the wax. Sometimes a client can bleed from waxing & this could also be spread. Although the wax is kept hot, it is not hot enough to kill bacteria. Double dipping can also cause a person to break out or have other skin reactions.
At Go Bare! we NEVER double dip & NEVER recycle wax.
Will my hair grow back darker and thicker?
No! Just the opposite. Waxing will cause hair to grow back thinner & less coarse! The hair color will remain the same.
Because your hair grows back thinner & less coarse you will not have the prickly & irritating feel you get from shaving when it does start to grow back.
Why should I wax at Go Bare! ?
You will be waxed by an experienced technician that specializes in body waxing, brazilians, and brow design.
Not only do we follow strict sanitation practices and use superior quality products, but we take time to educate every client about home care and discuss your concerns. We ensure all hair is removed and do everything possible to give you a comfortable experience.
Will I be in pain after waxing?
No. 1st time clients may experience slight redness or a feeling of heat. That generally goes away within  a few minutes to 24 hours.
How long does my hair have to be for waxing?
Hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch so the wax can grab it & pull it out from the root. (If you're not sure how long 1/4 inch is...it has to be long enough to grab with your fingertips!  Typically this takes 2-3 weeks with no shaving)
How long does waxing last?
This depends on individual hair growth cycles, the climate you are in, & medications you take.
Waxing generally lasts from 2-6 weeks. 
When you wax on a regular basis your hair growth may slow down.
I've waxed in the past and the technician did not remove all my hair. This upsets me and I want to know why?
At Go Bare! we want you to leave happy - As long as your hair is long enough to wax we will get it all out! If the wax does not grab it we will tweeze any remaining pieces above the surface. We will also ask you to double check & look over the area(s) waxed just in case we missed anything!  If there are any areas where hair can not be removed we will point it out to you so it's no surprise to you later.
Can I take any medicine or use anything topically before waxing to ease any discomfort from waxing? 
Topical solutions of 4% lidocaine are available over the counter but most clients say it is not strong enough to make a difference.   We do offer a 20% Benzocaine numbing cream to reduce discomfor for a minimal fee. Some clients choose to take Ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to waxing to reduce any discomfort. This is at your discretion.
What is the difference between hard & soft waxes?
Soft wax, or strip wax, attaches to the hair & the skin. Soft wax can not be applied to any area more than one time because it will take off skin. Soft wax is ideal for large areas like the legs, arms, & back where hair grows the same direction because it is fast to apply & remove. It is also used in eyebrow waxing because it can be shaped easier in creating the arch.
Hard wax, or strip-free wax, attaches only to the hair, therefore being less painful! Once the wax is applied it needs to dry (or harden) which can be more time consuming. This wax is ideal for smaller, more sensitive areas such as the lip, underarms, & bikini or brazilian where the hair grows in different directions. Because this wax only grabs hair it can be reapplied to the skin multiple times with no danger of removing skin.
Does the brand of wax matter? Why?
Yes. More than the brand of wax... the quality & ingredients are important.
Your aesthetician should be able to tell you not only where the wax is manufactured from but the main ingredients & why this wax is used.
Quality waxes may contain essential oils and/or minerals to calm the skin & leave it healthy & hydrated.

Is all hard wax the same? 
No. Just like hair or facial products differ, the brand and ingredients matter. Hard wax that is made cheaply can be more painful, and irritate the skin.  Be aware of very low prices for brazilian waxes. The lower the price, generally the worse the product is for your skin. You are already waxing a very sensitive area so it's important to use the best products!
I am considering laser hair removal and waxing - what are the main differences?
Laser hair removal permanently reduces hair growth. Multitudes of sessions may be necessary to get to the level of diminished hair growth you desire. Laser treatments are extremely expensive, and are not permanent, as many believe.

Waxing slows hair growth for up to 6 weeks.
I'm not sure if I want a bikini wax or a full brazilian wax - how can I decide what to get and what is the difference?
Please read the waxing service descriptions to decide which is best for you. Some clients prefer to start with a basic bikini and slowly work up to a full brazilian over 3 or 4 sessions.
Preparing for a wax:
•         Hair must be at least ¼ inch long  (enough to grab with your  fingers; typically 2 weeks of hair   growth)
 •         Trim any hair longer than ½ inch (to avoid a trimming fee)
 •         Do Not apply lotions, oils, or creams to areas being waxed
 •         Avoid stimulants such as alcohol or caffeine
 •         You may want to wear loose fitting clothes for maximum comfort the day of your wax
 •         If you have sensitive skin, you may want to take 2 Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin)  ½ hour before your wax   

 •         Any remaining wax residue will rinse off when you shower with soap & water
 •         Do Not excessively touch newly waxed areas – this will spread bacteria & cause irritation or infection.
 •         Wash waxed areas with an anti-bacterial cleanser every day; especially the first 48 hours (like Cetaphil)
•         After 48 hours begin to exfoliate the waxed area daily to prevent  ingrown hairs with a gentle manual scrub (the best are sugar-based) and/or a chemical exfoliant (such as No Bump, Tend Skin,  Intimate Folisian, or Environ's DermaLac)You may need to use both a manual & chemical exfoliant if you are prone to ingrown hair or have very sensitive skin.
•         Apply a calming, soothing moisturizer  or antibacterial treatment over waxed areas (such as aloe, or Tera Soma's healing balm)
•         Avoid tight-fitting clothing the first 24 hours 
 •         Avoid heat (hot bath, sauna, steam, sun tanning, UV exposure, and vigorous activities)
 •         Avoid using any other  substances (exfoliants, lotions, deodorant, perfumes) the first 48 hours 
 •         IF you have any skin removal you can apply a triple antibiotic cream to affected areas (like Neosporin)
 •         If you have any irritation, bruising,  or, if swelling occurs use a cold compress or ice over the area 
 •        For long term improvements book in for regular treatments and do not shave between treatments 
•         Your wax should last anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on your hair growth cycles!

***discounts available for monthly maintenance appointments on all waxing***   
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